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Equity Investing

Hey, What if you get a tool that helps you to achieve all your future financial goals? You will say there are many. Just like Gold , Fixed Deposits, Post or widely discussed real estate. But let me tell you, every instrument has its own advantages and disadvantages. One tool that has proved to be a game changer in wealth creation is investing into stocks.

Here are Major benefits of Investing in the Equity market.

Dividend Income

Companies generally distribute dividends out of their profits. Dividend paying stocks are very popular among Indian investors. It can work as a regular income in the longer run.

Capital Gains

Investors in a longer run can benefit from gains once they sell the stocks. While in a short term equities might give negative to neutral returns, in the longer run investors can benefit from capital gains


Equity Investments are flexible. You get the option to choose from 5000+ stocks. Also You can invest at your convenience and sell too. This is not the case for instruments like Fixed deposits , Post instruments, Gold etc.


Long term Capital Gains arising out of equity investments is tax free upto Rs 1 Lac. Thus it becomes a better instrument to invest in from a tax point of view.


There is no minimum amount specified. You can buy one share too. Now the price of one share may vary.
No, there is no lock in period.
All resident Indians and Non resident Indians including Domestic Institutions & foreign Institutions can invest.
The account opening process at Jhaveri Securities is completely online. You just need to keep ready your aadhaar & PAN. It takes less than 10 minutes to open an account. Isn't it so exciting?