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Stock SIP

Equity SIP is the smart way of accumulating wealth while investing regularly.

Equity SIP and Mutual Fund SIP are similar in that they both involve investing a fixed amount of money on a regular basis, typically on a monthly basis but Stock SIP comes with some added advantages. Lets understand key Benefits of Stock SIP in detail.

Cost effective

Compared to MF SIP stock SIP is very cost effective as investors need to pay only brokerage and statutory charges compared to expense ratio in MF SIP.

Choose from 500+ stocks

You can choose from a wide list of stocks to invest in. You can select stocks as per market capitalisation too.

Flexible dates

Any market day is an SIP day. You can select any day when the market is open

Manage your own funds

When it comes to MF SIP, the fund manager manages all the funds. With Stock SIP you can select stocks on your own and start SIP.

Jhaveri Securities offers a quality research service to its own clients. As a client you can also consult our research team & get guidance on selecting stocks for stock SIP.


Company Fundamentals, Valuation of the company, Sector analysis & market trends are few parameters which you should focus on.
Market Risk is the major risk involved in investing through Stock SIP. Sometimes Investors face liquidity risk too while selling the stocks.
It depends on the stock you select for SIP. You can start SIP with Minimum One share.
That depends on you. You can keep it running as long as you want.
Yes you can either reduce or increase the number of stocks based on your amount.
You can start Stock SIP through JeTrade+ mobile app

Please give a missed call on 9555066040 to start Stock SIP