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            Quant Small Cap Fund(IDCW)Very HighEquity193.700.10(0.05%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202470.26%1Y40.06%3Y36.86%5Y
            Quant Small Cap Fund(G)Very HighEquity243.590.13(0.05%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202470.27%1Y39.97%3Y36.79%5Y
            Quant Infrastructure Fund(IDCW)Very HighEquity39.440.03(0.08%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202479.04%1Y40.72%3Y34.79%5Y
            Quant Infrastructure Fund(G)Very HighEquity39.530.03(0.08%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202479.02%1Y40.68%3Y34.76%5Y
            Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund(IDCW)Very HighEquity50.81-0.09(-0.17%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202460.27%1Y31.19%3Y31.16%5Y
            Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund(G)Very HighEquity365.78-0.62(-0.17%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202460.25%1Y31.08%3Y31.08%5Y
            Quant Mid Cap Fund(IDCW)Very HighEquity77.35-0.32(-0.41%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202466.59%1Y35.85%3Y30.45%5Y
            Quant Mid Cap Fund(G)Very HighEquity217.58-0.90(-0.41%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202466.56%1Y35.57%3Y30.34%5Y
            Bank of India Small Cap Fund-Reg(G)Very HighEquity39.500.05(0.13%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202450.53%1Y28.95%3Y30.04%5Y
            Bank of India Small Cap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Very HighEquity28.800.04(0.14%)NAV As on 19-Apr-202450.55%1Y28.95%3Y30.03%5Y
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